uRAD Monitor A3

SKU: uRAD Monitor Model A3

Outdoor PM2.5 Sensor
Brand: Magnasci
Weight: 170g
Dimensions: 110 x 65 x 25 mm


The uRADMonitor A3 is a high quality device is equipped with quality digital sensors which tracks temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, VOC, Formaldehyde, Ozone, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Noise Level and CO2. It is a robust solution to obtain critical information from any environment that allows direct and cloud data access via API. Applicable for monitoring home, offices, production space,  Smart cities, IoT and CBRN.


  • 7 High Quality Digital Sensors Tracking 11 air Parameters
  • Integrated Internet Connectivity with options including Ethernet, WiFi, GSM and LoraWAN
  • USB port for Power, data access, debug and Configuration
  • Built-in air pump for active flow
  • Direct and Cloud data access via API
  • Alarm and notification function using built-in speaker
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged design with aluminum enclosure and wall mounting support


Connectivity  Compliant with multiple international LoRaWAN bands
Frequency AS923/EU868/US915/AU915/IL915/IN865/KR920
TX Power 25mW
Modem Chip Microchip RN2482/RN2903
Antenna SMA female
Certifications CW, FCC, IC
Protection  IP30
Supply Voltage 6 – 28V
Recommended Use Ratings Temperature: -20°C to 65°C
Humidity: 0RH to 95RH