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LoRaWAN Soil Moisture and Temperature Monitoring

SKU: SenProbe - 3B-LR12


The IQnexus soil moisture and temperature sensor is a robust solution to determine the concentration of water in your crop’s soil allowing you to irrigate smartly and on time. Multiple sizes up to 120cm depth and including soil’s surface temperature. Wireless communication and configuration via LoRaWAN network, full data encryption and transmission based on events or in real time.


  • Soil moisture concentration
  • Soil depth temperatures
  • Ambient temperature
  • Low battery warnings
  • Years of operation on a single cell
  • Ready for IQnexus Platform

See it in action

See below real life use cases for the Soil Moisture Monitoring, please contact us if you want to find out how to install or implement your smart irrigation solution using the IQnexus LoRaWAN soil moisture and temperature monitoring device.

Use Cases