We do custom developments

We solve your electronic or software problems by creating new, inventive products for every industry. Custom electronics, product integrations and high level applications. We do it all while working closely with you.

R&D services

IQnexus provides Research and Development services for business who require a specific electronic, or high-level software solution. We have over 10 years of experience in Sensing, Radio communications, electronics interfacing, front end software and back end development.


Schematics Design

Custom designs


Thermokon LoRaWAN® Integration

LoRaWAN® to Modbus RTU


PCB Design & Layout

Circuit and Housing


FirstGas Remote CP Monitoring

NBIoT, ADC Voltage and Battery Monitoring

Embedded Software

Tailored Firmware


Eastpack Pallet Scanner Upgrade

RS232, UART, DC-DC Conversion

High-Level Application

Custom Dashboards

Custom PCB Designs

SPI, Ultra Low Power, Precise Timing

Custom Developments Example

Our R&D Services

Electronics and Software Product Development

  • Specialists in LoRaWAN®
  • Experienced in Wireless Technologies
  • Compliance to International Emissions Standards
  • Custom Electronics Product Development
  • Experts in Digital and Analogue interfacing
  • Custom High-Level Applications and Dashboards
  • Full Stack Development
  • Design for Ease of Use