Turnkey Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Smart Water Metering

See why it’s time to say goodbye to the mechanical water meter and hello to the benefits of smart water metering with ultrasonic technology.

Smart Water Metering

IQnexus provides a secure and scalable toolset for Smart Water Metering, Advanced Metering Infrastructure -AMI-, Monitoring and Data Management with LoRaWAN®.

New ultrasonic bulk water meter IUW from ZENNER, you always achieve maximum precision when recording high and fluctuating flow rates in drinking water distribution and in industry! The IUW is equipped with an NFC interface for use with a communication module for LoRaWAN®.

To think forward and prepare for the future sometimes you have to say goodbye. See why it’s time to say goodbye to the mechanical water meter and hello to the benefits of smart metering. Affordable ultrasonic water meters with LoRaWAN.

With ZENNER – IQnexus submetering you create the basis for new digital business models and set the course for the future. Climate protection, sustainability and saving energy are currently at the top of the political agenda.


Water Meter

Retrofit Sitrans with LoRaWAN®


Water Management

Water Meter - Tank Level


Water Management

LoRaWAN® Ultrasonic Flowmeters


Water Management

Retrofit Sensus Water Meter with LoRaWAN®

Water Meter

Water Meter

Retrofit Water Meter with LoRaWAN®


Water Management

Ultrasonic Level Sensors


Smart Water Metering

Ultrasonic Water Meter with LoRaWAN®


Tank Level Sensor

Pressure Sensor with LoRaWAN®

Our LoRaWAN® IoT Services

AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure

  • LoRaWAN® Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Smart Meter Management
  • Ultrasonic LoRa® Water Meter
  • LoRaWAN® Communication
  • Flow Meter with Pressure & Temperature
  • Monitoring & Notifications
  • Water Quality Sensors with LoRaWAN®
  • Customer Portal & Billing