Project Information

Client: ANBG (Australian National Botanical Garden)

Location: Canberra, Australia

Platform: IQnexus Cloud Platform

Solution: Temperature & Humidity Monitoring, Data logging

Devices: LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway, Temperature & Humidity sensors

The Issue

Manually checking and recording of the Temperature and Humidity controlled environments which is time consuming and often prone to errors, lack of quick response for environmental changes in areas of critical Temperature and Humidity.


Implementation of an automatic Temperature and Humidity monitoring system using IQnexus LoRaWAN battery powered sensors and IoT Platform. LoRaWAN sensors offer great coverage and years of operation in a single use, IQnexus IoT Platform provides easy access to data, automatic alerts and reports to monitor critical environments and processes.

  •  Visualization, monitoring and exporting of data made easy
  •  Instant alerts and notifications
  •  Ability to view, monitor and manage devices remotely

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