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LoRaWAN Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor

SKU: SenAir-2TH-3A-LR


The IQnexus LoRaWAN industrial temperature and humidity sensor is a portable and robust solution that measures humidity and temperature suitable for cold room monitoring, walk in freezer, building automation, etc. It provides periodic, event driven or change of value transmissions with real time clock timestamps and basic data-logger functions.


  • Temperature & Humidity Measurement
  • Powered by 2 AA Lithium Batteries
  • Limit monitoring and Change of Value
  • Over The Air (OTA) & Remote configuration
  • High-performance in-house operation
  • Ready for IQnexus Platform

See it in action

See below real life use cases for the pagetitle, please contact us if you want to find out how to install or implement your smart irrigation solution using the IQnexus Industrial Temperature and Humidity Sensor.