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Wehrle Single-Jet Dry Water Meter Modularis LoRaWAN® LoRaWAN Single-Jet Dry Water Meter Modularis LoRaWAN®.. Product #: ETK-EAK R80H Pre-Order
Brand: Wehrle
Product Code: ETK-EAK R80H
Availability: Pre-Order
Weight: 0.55kg
Dimensions: 100.00cm x 65.00cm x 35.00cm
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The Cylindrical Piston Water-Meter Composite MODULARIS stands out with its high-precision measuring accuracy and, at the same time, convinces with its robust composite body showing an utmost of modern technology and technical progress. As cold and hot version available. A LoRa® Modularis Module or a Modularis Pulse or M-Bus converter can be added.

  • Ready for integration into any AMR system
  • LoRaWAN® AS923, AU915 & EU868
  • Different interfaces available
  • LoRaWAN® Modularis NZ/AUS available
  • Smart-Metering

Main Features

  • Temperature range up to 30 °C
  • Nominal flow rate Q3 2,5 up to Q3 4
  • Nominal size DN15 up to DN20
  • Length 105 mm up to 190 mm
  • MID measurement accuracy class (Q3/Q1) up to R800 irrespective
  • EN ISO 3822-1 : 1999 Noise Acoustic Group I
  • 360° rotable 8-digit totalizer
  • Composite meter body with optimized stability of thread contour
  • Maximum pressure load 1,6 MPa
  • NZ-AUS complient

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