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Nbnano On-Premise IoT Platform & Middleware

SKU: NBnano Pro

Optergy 864e Smart Edge Controller Extension

SKU: Optergy 864E

PoE Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway

SKU: Outdoor-Gateway-WAPS-232N-1

Senticon Room Controller


Smart CO2 Detector

SKU: MCH3-Smart-CO2-Detector

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Sensor


Temperature Probe Sensor

SKU: SenTemp-DS-3A-LR

Thies Clima Sensor US

SKU: Thies Sensor US - WSC11

Thies Combined Wind Transmitter 4-20mA

SKU: Thies Combined Wind Transmittert 4-20mA

Thies Hygro-Thermo Transmitter Compact

SKU: Thies Hygro-Thermo Transmitter Compact

Thies Precipitation Sensor

SKU: Thies Precipitation Sensor

Thies Radiation Brightness Sensor

SKU: Thies Radiation Brightness Sensor