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Janitza Power Meter UMG 96 L Power Meter with with pulse and digital outputs.. Product #: 5222036 In Stock
Brand: Janitza
Product Code: 5222036
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Weight: 0.55kg
Dimensions: 96.00cm x 96.00cm x 78.00cm
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The UMG 96 (with digital or pulse outputs) and the UMG 96 L (Light Version without digital outputs) are universal measurement devices. This Power & Energy meter provides digital diversity against analogue simplicity. Panel (96x96 mm) or DIN Rail, with a seperate kit, for use in low voltage distribution with pulse outputs and digital outputs.

The meter can also be connected to LoRaWAN® networks over Pulse or ModBus LoRa® interfaces.

Free network visualisation software GridVis®-Basic.

UMG 96 on the Janitza Website

Main Features

  • Panel mounting or on a 35 mm DIN rail (with mounting kit)
  • Simple integration into the LVD board
  • Replaces analogue instruments
  • Can be used with Pulse Totaliser Prodata
  • Free network visualisation software GridVis®-Basic

Read more: UMG 96 Technical Data

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