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Eastron ESCT-CRJ-31 Adapter for Split Core Current Transformer ESCT - CRJ-31 Adapter for Split Core Current Transformer.. Product #: CRJ-31 ADAPTER Pre-Order
Brand: Eastron
Product Code: CRJ-31 ADAPTER
Availability: Pre-Order
Weight: 110.00g
Dimensions: 24.00mm x 25.00mm x 37.00mm
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The CRJ-31 Adapter provides 3 inputs for the Split Core CTs with a Phase Sequence Mark. It converts this into a RJ12 connection. A RJ12 Patch Cable connects the CRJ-31 with the Multi-Channel-Meter SDM630MCT-4L. Up to 12 single phase channels can be monitored. This requires 4 x CRJ-31 with 4 x RJ12 Patch Cables and 12 Split-Core CTs.

CT3 split

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