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Single Phase Energy Meter 100A Direct Connect Single Phase Energy Meter 100A Direct Connection. Optional MID certified... Product #: SDM230 ModBus Pre-Order
Product Code: SDM230 ModBus
Availability: Pre-Order
Weight: 0.89kg
Dimensions: 36.00mm x 63.00mm x 99.00mm

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* MID Version:


The SDM230 Modbus/Pulse is an advanced single phase energy monitoring solution with built-in configuration push button and a LCD data display, this product was designed particularly for energy management, data analysis and for cost allocation. Housing for DIN-rail mounting, IP51 protection degree, direct connection up to max 100A. Moreover the meter can be provided with a pulses output proportional to the active energy being measured and a RS485 output/ M-bus output port for remote monitoring. It is an ideal choice as a sub-meter for AMR system or SCADA based system. Optional MID calibrated and certified.

The meter can be connected to LoRa® networks over IQnexus Pulse or ModBus LPWAN interfaces

Main Features

  • Measures kWh and Kvarh
  • Bi-directional measurement IMP & EXP
  • Pulse output
  • RS485 Port modbus RTU
  • Din rail Mounted
  • 100A direct connection
  • Class 1.0 accuracy
  • 36mm 2 modual width
  • MID certified


Protection rating IP64
 Dimensions LxWxH 100x36x66
 Operating Temperature  -20 ... +75 °C
 Mounting DIN Rail
 Weight  80g
 Power Supply  230V AC
 Calibration  MID

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