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MClimate CO2 Display LoRaWAN



MClimate CO2 Display LoRaWAN® is a stand-alone CO2 sensor powered entirely by solar energy using an organic solar panel. The device features a 2.9″ e-ink screen, sensor for movement (PIR), temperature and humidity sensor, LUX sensor and NDIR CO2 sensor. The user can see the current levels of CO2 as well as historical trend. The device sends an uplink when it detects movement as well as periodically. The data from the CO2 Display can be used in any LoRaWAN® compatible system, incl. Building Management Systems to control demand-based ventilation. Sensor information can be exposed as datapoints in Modbus and BACnet systems with NBnano.


  • 2.9″ fast e-ink display
  • Solar pannel for indoor light
  • Accurately monitor CO2 levels with default ABC Calibration
  • Measure Temperature and Humidity
  • PIR Sensor to detect motion
  • Unlimited battery life with solar panel
  • Wireless technology using LoRaWAN

See it in action

See below real life use cases for the MClimate Wireless CO2 Display. Please contact us if you want to find out how to install or implement your Wireless CO2 Display for your smart BMS Energy Management solutions.