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IQNEXUS NBREADY PoC Starter-Pack Cloud NBREADY IAQ Indoor Air Quality Monitoring - Schools.. Product #: NBREADY PoC CLOUD In Stock
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Weight: 400.00g
Dimensions: 15.00cm x 25.00cm x 30.00cm

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From the end device to the application. NBREADY makes it simple and smart.

The IoT world is complex and hard. We believe have to keep it simple as well as smart. Our products and turnkey solutions are ready to create business. Use our NBREADY as a Starter-Pack and tell us about your idea. We’ve made IoT Proof of Concept (PoC) simple with NBREADY, based on the IQnexus IoT Platform NBNEXUS. Install and connect the gateway, test the coverage with the Field-Test-Device, login to the platform.

Everything you need – gateways, devices and a PoC Platform Account – all in one easy to go Starter-Pack! NBREADY supports up to 10 devices and comes with consultancy.

The basic configuration NBREADY PoC contains:

  • NBREADY cloud account for one gateway and connectivity for 10 devices with 1 year connectivity and gateway fee
  • One Indoor Gateway. Has to be connected to the internet and requires external power.
  • One Air Quality Sensor with Temperature, Humidity, Air-Pressure, CO2, T-VOC (Air Quality - Index)
  • One Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Four hours Consultancy & Remote Support

Please contact us for the Connectivity and Sensor/Meter configuration

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