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Optergy Optergy AFS-864 Air Flow Sensor for P864 Optergy AFS-864 Air Flow Sensor for P864.. Product #: AFS-864 In Stock
Brand: Optergy
Product Code: AFS-864
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 30.00g
Dimensions: 10.00mm x 30.00mm x 20.00mm
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The AFS864 is an optional clip-on airflow sensor for the P864 Edge Controller.

Main Features

  • Field replaceable
  • No offset, no zero-point drift, hysteresis free
  • Accurate and long-term stable (even below 1 Pa or .004’’ w.c.)
  • Pressure range of up to ±500 Pa (±2 inch H2O / ±5 mbar)
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated (-20°C to + 55°C, -4°F to + 131°F)

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