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Aqualabo Ponsel NTU Turbidity Sensor Bare wire Ponsel NTU Turbidity Sensor Bare wire.. Product #: PF-CAP-C-00173 PROBE In Stock
Brand: Aqualabo
Product Code: PF-CAP-C-00173 PROBE
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 240.00g
Dimensions: 25.00mm x 25.00mm x 138.00mm
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The NTU turbidity sensor is based on IR nephelometry technology (850nm). The NTU can be easily calibrated using a formazin turbidity standard, the sensor is auto ranging and can offer measurements up to 4000 NTU. The sensor incorporates a low cost optical technology which requires low maintenance and requires no consumables.

Digital Technology

The Smart NTU turbidity sensor stores all calibration history within the sensor. This allows the sensor to be interchanged between different systems without losing accuracy.
Thanks to the sensors Universal Modbus RS 485 and SDI-12 communications the sensor can easily be connected directly to system incorporating this communication such as PLC, SCADA systems, telemetry and data logging systems

It communicates to the IQnexus LoRaWAN® Transceiver via ModBus RTU. The IQnexus Transceiver comes for an external 12V DC power source or with internal lithium batteries.

Additional Information

Sensor Type
Environmental Measuring Dissolved Oxygen

Main Features

  • Digital Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  • For Use with Odeon Handheld Meter
  • Low Power Design
  • Temperature Compensation and Measurement
  • Calibration Data Stored on the Probe
  • luminescent Optical Technology

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