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IQNEXUS LoRaWAN® Indoor Air Quality Sensor VOCs - CO2 LoRaWAN® Compliant Sensor Series - Temperature, Humidity, Light, Barometric Pressure, CO2, VOCs & IA.. Product #: SENAIR-AQI-3C-LR In Stock
Product Code: SENAIR-AQI-3C-LR
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Weight: 140.00g
Dimensions: 100.00mm x 100.00mm x 40.00mm

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LoRaWAN® Compliant Sensor Series - Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure, VOCs & CO2

The SEN-AIR room sensor is designed to measure Temperature, Humidity, Light, Barometric Pressure, VOCs and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with long-range and low-power wireless connectivity by LoRaWAN®. It is integrated LoRa® wireless technology, CO2 sensor knowhow and high-performance MCU solution for various IoT markets usage. With compensated Temperature/ Humidity/Pressure sensors and calibrated VOCs & CO2 sensor module integrations, the data is ready for use.

Indoor Air Quality Index classification covid 800A key feature of this IAQ Sensor is its ability to output an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) using its built-in sensors for gas, pressure, humidity and temperature. The calculation software utilises the 4-in-1 integrated sensors inside the VOC module and provides an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Index ranging from 0 to 500 which quantifies the quality of the air available in the surrounding. This, together with the relative humidity and the CO2 concentration, is an indicator for the correct commisioning of HVAC systems to prevent the transmission of airborne deseases like COVID-19

It is perfect for monitoring Indoor Air Quality in schools, office buildings, greenhouses, factories, hotels, hospitals, transportation lines and anywhere high levels of carbon dioxide are generated. The SEN-AIR sensors are maintenance-free in normal environments thanks to the built-in self-correcting ABC algorithm. ABC stands for Automatic Baseline Correction, a self-calibration function for achieving maintenance-free gas sensors. That means that our CO2 sensors probes have a life expectancy of at least 15 years and do not require any further calibration when used in normal indoor air applications.

 Wall mounted

  • Battery operated
  • Event based messaging at Change of Value
  • Logging functions
  • AS923/AU915/EU868/US915 - NZ/AUS/EU/US compliant

Additional Information

Sensor Type
CO2, CO, Fine Dust
LoRaWAN® EU868 AU915 AS923 US915

Main Features

  • High Receiver Sensitivity
  • Long Range Solution
  • Compensated Temperature Humidity Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Calibrated CO2 Sensor integrated
  • High Accuracy
  • Long Battery Lifetime

Device Specifications

LoRa® Module SX1276
Frequency AS923/AU915/EU868/US915
 Dimensions Wall-mount: 100(H) x 100(W) x 40(D) mm
 Operating Temperature  -10 ... +50 °C
 Operating Humidity  0 ... 95%RH, Non-condensating
 Weight  140g
 Power Supply Lithium Batteries
 Radiated RF Power  Configurable up to 100mW
 RF-Input sensitivity  -132 dBm @ 980bps



Sensor Specifications

Sensing Element CO2: Gold-plated infrared (NDIR) wave-guide technology with
Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) and passive gas diffusion (no moving parts)
Temperature & Humidity: CMOS sensor.
 Response Time CO2: < 10 sec. @ 30 cc/min. flow rate < 3 min. diffusion time
Temperature: min. 3 sec.;max. 30sec. atτ 63%
Humidity: < 8 sec. atτ63%
 Accuracy (at 25℃)

 CO2: ±30ppm + (± reading 3%)
Temperature: ±0.3℃
Humidity: ±3 %RH

 Repeatability CO2: ± 20ppm + (±reading * 1%)
Temperature: ±0.1℃
Humidity: ±0.1 %RH
 Zero Drift CO2: < ± 10ppm/yr. with Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC)
Temperature: < 0.04 ℃/yr
Humidity: < 0.5 %RH/yr
 Measurement Range

CO2: 0 ~ 10,000ppm
Temperature: -40 ~ +125℃
Humidity: 0 ~ 95 %RH

 Pressure Dependence CO2: 1.6% reading per kPa

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