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Ultrasonic Water Meter with LoRaWAN® & NB-IoT®

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IQnexus, a New Zealand-based Industrial IoT development company and solution provider is distributing and integrating the Axioma Qalcosonic W1 Ultrasonic Water Meter with LoRaWAN® & NB-IoT® communication.


Axioma Metering, the manufacturer of metering devices, was the first in Europe to launch serial production of the ultrasonic water meters Qalcosonic W1 with the integrated Narrow-Band-IoT (NB-IoT) technology beside the existing LoRaWAN® communitation.

“We are the first in Europe to offer meters with the integrated Narrow-Band-IoT technology for metering of water consumption. NB-IoT is the technology of the future. But we offer it to our clients already today,” said Ignas Vosylius, CEO at Axioma Metering. Lithuanian Qalcosonic W1 meters with the integrated NB-IoT will be supplied to Italy, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand and Estonia. Several thousands of these meters are already used in the pilot project in Lithuania, Latvia and Norway. “The quality and quantity of data transferred with NB-IoT opens new possibilities for the water metering enterprises in the field of analysis and efficiency improvement,” stated Vosylius.

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NB-IoT is the cutting edge IoT technology using networks of telecommunication companies for data transfer. The utility companies using this technology do not need extra investments in own infrastructure and auxiliary equipment. NB-IoT is a licensed spectrum band that guarantees less interferences and a long-range collection and transmission of data. NB-IoT technology communication allows connection of only designated devices, which ensures high quality and stability of connection. The use of the narrow-band internet allows connecting a high number of devices simultaneously, as each has a dedicated band (200 kHz). The ultrasonic water meters with the integrated NB-IoT for data transfer use 800 MHz frequency range making it possible for the data to be received and transmitted from the devices located underground or in other poorly accessible places.

Furthermore, NB-IoT allows transferring high quantities of data, e.g., water volume, flow and temperature parameters. This ensures a more detailed analysis of the water consumption trends in the utility companies, allows them to optimise their water network and select more appropriate equipment, i.e., a more efficient operation and use of water. “NB-IoT technology demands low energy consumption, allows reducing expenses on additional equipment, while offering endless communication possibilities and quality. We believe that the water management companies will soon measure the advantages of this technology first hand,” added Vosylius.

The quality of the ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 with the integrated Narrow-Band-IoT technology has already been endorsed by the international MID certificate. Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic water meters manufactured by Axioma Metering can also operate with another IoT technology – LoRa. This network is often used in residential areas allowing the possibility to install additional gateways and extend network coverage.

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