SKU: NBnano

Product Code: NBnano 10
Weight: 2.80kg
Dimensions: 134.00mm x 47.00mm x 207.00mm


NBnano is a complete stand-alone LoRaWAN® Industrial IoT platform and gateway.

It can be installed On-Premise with Indoor or Outdoor LoRaWAN® gateways. It uses an in-build LoRaWAN® server or can receive data over MQTT or HTTP Push from industrial LoRaWAN® platforms like ThingPark (Actiliy), TTN/TTI or Loriot.

It provides the full functionality of the integrated NBnexus platform and communicates via ModBus IP or BACnet IP to Building Automation or SCADA systems.

NBnano supports all LoRaWAN® sensors and devices and creates virtual BACnet and ModBus objects out of it.


Main Features
LoRaWAN® to BACnet IP & ModBus gateway
Complete NBNEXUS stand-alone On-Premise
On board LoRaWAN® server for local operation
Connectivity to cloud based LoRaWAN® server (Actility, TTN & Loriot)
Direct API to Building Automation (Optergy, Delta Controls, Tridium & SkySpark)
Connects to Energy Management Systems (Optergy & Janitza GridVis)
SCADA interface
Industrial grade mini PC with Linux OS