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Kaiterra Laser Egg + CO2 Air Quality Monitor

SKU: Laser Egg + CO2


The Kaiterra LaserEgg CO2 provides real-time measurements of PM2.5 and PM10 mass concentrations and CO2. The device also provides temperature and relative humidity. Real-time data is displayed on the device’s screen. The Kaiterra mobile app also allows for viewing of real-time data, as well as retrieval of historical data. The Kaiterra Laser Egg 2+ uses a laser particle counter, in which a sensor detects diffracted light from a particle crossing a laser beam. The diffraction events are grouped by light intensity, which are related to particle size, and a complex algorithm uses this information to calculate PM2.5 and PM10 mass in µg/m3. The sensors come factory calibrated.


  • ACCURATE. Monitors major pollutants and factors that affect indoor air quality, including PM2.5 (fine dust), temperature, and humidity
  • MOBILE. Monitor from anywhere with the Kaiterra app. Get access to historical trends and receive alerts when the air exceeds predetermined thresholds
  • CONNECTED. Works with other home appliances via Apple HomeKit and IFTTT. Set up your smart home ecosystem to automatically protect your home against pollutants and allergens
  • WIFI-ENABLED (2.4 GHz connection). Support for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets


CONNECTIVITY Connection Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz)
SENSORS PM2.5 Laser-based light sacttering (MIE)
Meaurable Particle Size: 0.3µm – 10µm
Range: 1-999µg/m³
Accuracy: ±10% (<30µg/m³ : ± 3µg/m³)
Resolution: 1µg/m³
Response Time
CO2 Range: 400-5000ppm
Accuracy: ±(30ppm+3%)
Resolution: 1ppm
Temperature Range:-20°C – 100°C
Resolution: 1°C
Relative Humidity Range: 0 -99% RH
Resolution: 1%
Battery 2200mAH Lithium
Battery Life 8 Hrs
Compatibility iOS9.0 and newer
Operating Temperature 0°C  –  65°C (Battery may be affected under 0°C)