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IQnexus Projects

An IQnexus Project allows you to connect and monitor a set of devices/sensors and present this information through a unified interface, known as your project dashboard.

All of your devices are connected and displayed in one place via a combination of Sigfox, LoRA, WIFI and any other network type.

Types of projects

Public Projects

Public projects can be joined be anyone with a IQnexus account. Public projects are meant for generic applications that don’t require specific configurations as users can not access the project configuration settings.

Private Projects

Private projects can be completely tailored to the user’s needs. As a project manager you can configure project settings and control who and what type of access the user gets.

How do I access my project?

You can access your project via

You can also see a list of your projects under your account home page here.

Who has access to my project?

If you are the project manager, you can determine who and what type of access you give to others. You can allow users to add, edit or only view the data received from your devices.

Read more here.

If I want to categorise my devices, do I need multiple projects?

Not necessarily, zones are designed to allow you to manage your devices and user permissions more easily.

Contact us for more info on organising your devices,

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