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This article gives some information on the types of zones and their use within your project.

Zones give the administrator a way to categorise their devices and to control access that users have to those individual categories. You can give these zones a name, purpose and add devices to them at any time. You can also create a sub zone which contains only some of the devices of it’s parent zone.

User access

By allowing a user access to a zone, you give them access to all devices in that category.

The use of sub-zones is intended to allow an administrator to refine the group of devices by multiple criteria to specifically tailor devices available to an individual user.

Zone Types

There are three zone types on the Platform which are specifically tailored for your application.


This zone type is for categorising your devices for organisation and/or using the zones to set permissions for various users of your project.


The geographic zone type is aimed at users who have devices in different locations and want to set zones based on this.

Farm Orchard

Building on the geographic zone type the Farm/Orchard type is aimed at users who have different farming IoT devices within overlapping locations and want to set zones for this. Allows additional information around what the device is monitoring etc.

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