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How to add devices to a zone

Organising your devices into zones allows you to assign different access permissions to your project members as well as an easy way to categorise your devices.

Add Devices to an existing Zone

  1. If you haven’t already create a zone. If the zone already exists choose edit zone from the Actions menu beside the zone name.

  2. Click Next until you see the add device section, below.

  3. In the drop down menu, select all the devices you wish to add to the zone.

  4. If this a Farm/Orchard or Geographic zone, see below.

  5. Click Next.

Farm/Orchard and Geographic Zone Details


You can add information about the farm/orchard where your IoT devices will be located. Area of crop, crop type, altitude, type of irrigation and crop year can be defined.

The Computed area in the last field is calculated from the area selected in the following window below.

Geographical and Farm/Orchard

This map tool allows you to select the area your devices cover. Couple this functionality with alert thresholds and you can automate management systems. For example, soil probes can be installed throughout the farm and the zones could be assigned based on soil type. The data from each soil probe is a good estimate for the entire zone and with fewer devices it is easy to see the moisture and temperature of each pasture zone and efficiently plan irrigation.

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