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User Roles

Project privileges can be granted to its users based on the following roles.

Project permissions are controlled by means of a Privileges Scheme, which is then assigned to specific projects by the Platform Administrator.

Note that some privileges are dependent upon others to ensure that users can perform the actions needed.

For example, in order for a user to control a device, that user must be granted both Device Manager privileges and Operator privileges.

Member Manager

This role allows you to control access to your project. As a member manager, you can invite users to your project and determine their access level. Find the controls for member management under Team on the lateral menu. How to add/remove users.

Zone Manager

Gives user access to change how devices are grouped into different categories and to change properties of those categories. On the platform, this opens up the  Zones menu. How to create a zone.

Device Manager

With access to the Devices menu, the user can create, delete and edit devices. This means registering a device to a network, defining which driver the platform should use and reading data recorded by the device. How to add a device.


This privilege gives access to the Controls and Reporting menu. Users can utilize downlinks to control a device or an external device connected to your IoT device. They can also see the log of any control events that have happened.


Opens up the Developers menu. This allows users to work on drivers. Drivers are definitions for the platform to interpret data from the device.Network Manager – If the project IoT devices use different networks and servers to connect to the platform, they can all be defined by the user with this privilege. This opens up the Network menu.

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