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Nano Accounts

Each Nano comes with two default user’s which have defined levels of privileges to easily manage your platform. You can add custom users to the platform at any time.


The Admin user is meant for one or two users who have full control over the Nano Platform.

  • Add, remove and edit Team members and their privileges

  • Add, remove and modify Zones. As well as move devices between zones

  • View Data. Add, remove and edit devices on the Nano and other Project settings

  • Control device. Set Alerts, User defined constants and Downlinks

  • Configure the network settings of the Nano

  • Project Admin. Change the Look and Feel, Dashboard


The Operator user is meant as a credential for user’s which only need to access the device data. They have access to the devices and data but do not need any management functionality.

  • View, edit, add and remove devices to the Nano

  • View data. Device Logs and Stats

  • Controls. Downlink functionality, Virtual fields , Alerts and User defined constants.

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