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Meteorological monitoring with IOT

NBNEXUS provides a secure and scalable toolset for smart environmental and meteorological monitoring and data management for New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Multi-tenanted so you can provision individual tenants for customers under your account, and run the platform on your choice of Cloud or On-Premise infrastructure.

We developed a complete turnkey solution for Thies Clima products and other environmental and meteorological instrumentation. The core is a new disruptive IQnexus Transceiver with LoRaWAN® or NB-IoT®/CAT-M1 communication:

NBNEXUS Turnkey environmental and meteorological IoT Solution

  • Cloud based or On-PremiseThies Weather Station IoT
  • LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT® connectivity
  • Provisioning, Deployment and Commissioning Tools 
  • API to Energy & Facility Management, Building Automation & SCADA
  • BMS Connectivity via API, ModBus IP or BACnet (On-Premise version)
  • Ultrasonic and Compact Weather Stations
  • Ultrasonic Anemometer
  • Wind Velocity Transmitter
  • LORAnexus energy 1000Wind Direction Transmitter
  • Combi Transmitter for Wind Velocity & Direction
  • Precipitation Sensors


Our partner Thies Clima designs and supplies a wide range of products for the unattended, long term, continuous measurement of rainfall, wind, air temperature, humidity, sunshine, barometric pressure, evaporation and other meteorological parameters.

IQNEXUS also provides sensors for Outdoor Air Quality. Contacts us if you plan to install an environmental and meteorological monitoring infrastructure for your organisation or facility.

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