NBNEXUS provides a secure and scalable toolset for smart ultrasonic metering, monitoring and data management for New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Multi-tenanted so you can provision individual tenants for customers under your account, and run the platform on your choice of Cloud or On-Prem infrastructure.

We developed a complete turnkey solution for new Axioma ultrasonic meter or retrofit installations of existing water meters. The core is a new disruptive ultrasonic & electromagnetic water meter with LoRaWAN® or NB-IoT® communication:

  • NBNEXUS Turnkey Water-Meter AMI Solution
    • Cloud based or On-Premise
    • LoRaWAN® and NB-IoT® connectivity
    • Provisioning, Deployment and Commisioning Tools
    • API to Energy & Facility Management, Building Automation, Billing and BI
    • BMS Connectivity via API, ModBus IP or BACnet
  • Ultrasonic Water-Meters DN15 – DN50
  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter DN50 – DN300
  • Wide selection of measuring principles
  • Static method of water consumption measurement, no moving parts
  • High accuracy calculation of water consumption
  • Eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles or air pockets
  • Long-term measurement stability and reliability

Mechanical water meters are the natural choice for many utilities globally and are many type in the world today, but they do have one thing in common, they are fundamentally mechanical. Mechanical means there are moving parts, with different designs. To think forward and prepare for the future, sometimes we need to change perspectives and say goodbye. This is also true within water metering. With technology rapidly changing, this is the perfect time to say goodbye to mechanical meters and hello to the benefits of ultrasonic or electromagnetic metering combined with modern IoT technologies.

IQNEXUS also did various retrofits of Sensus and Elster Water Meters with different Councils in New Zealand. Based on Council or Public (Spark) LoRaWAN® infrastucture. The IoT Platform supports a complete workflow from planning to operation.

IQNEXUS supports this pre-configuration, provisioning, the deployment and the commissioning in a unique way to facilitate the task for the project manager and the field staff, reducing time spent. Automatic device registration and activatation in LoRaWAN® server infrastructure like Actility or The Things Industries via API.

Contacts us if you plan to install a Smart Metering infrastructure for your organisation or as a facility manager of a commercial building or appartments.