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Globalsat LoRaWAN Smoke and Heat Detector LoRaWAN™ Compliant Sensor Series - Smoke and Heat Detector.. Product #: LS-134 In Stock
Brand: Globalsat
Product Code: LS-134
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Weight: 100.00g
Dimensions: 29.00cm x 80.00cm x 115.00cm
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LoRaWAN™ Compliant Sensor Series - Smoke and Heat Detector.

The LS-134 is a LoRaWAN smoke and heat detector which save lives every day. These small but effective devices are a vital fire safety early warning system, in both the workplace and the home. While it's critical to have smoke detectors installed both at home and at work, it's even more important to have smoke detectors operating at home. Each year, more and more deaths occur in households. Tragically, children under five years of age die at twice the rate of all others. To prevent this from happening, many countries like New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the USA and Japan have imposed new strict fire codes that require a smoke or a gas detector to be installed in every single house.

  • EU868/US915/AS923/AU915 - EU/US/NZ/AUS compliant
  • UL, VdS, CE (In progress), FCC (In progress), TELEC (IC reserved)

Additional Information

Sensor Type
LoRaWAN® EU868 AU915 AS923
Smoke & Heat

Main Features

  • EU/NZ/AUS LoRaWAN™ compliant
  • High Receiver Sensitivity, long range solution
  • Smoke & Heat Sensor
  • Advanced Photoelectric Sensing Technology

Device Specifications

LoRa® Module LM-130H1
Antenna Chip Antenna
Frequency 863-870MHz (EU),
902-928MHz (US, NZ, AUS)
Transmission Power 862-870MHz (EU) @ 14dBm,
902-928MHz (US, NZ, AUS) @ 20dBm
Current Consumption Receiving: 21 mA (typical) Transmitting: 125 mA (typical),
Sleeping: 5 uA (typical)
Transmission Distance 1KM~10KM (980bps)
Receiving Sensitivity -132dBm@ 980bps
Detector Type Single Station Smoke & Heat Detector
Sensitivity & Alarm Pattern UL217 1.31%/ft ~ 2.28%/ft ; Temporal Three Pattern
Sensitivity & Alarm Pattern EN14604 0.091dB/m ~ 0.149dB/m ; Temporal Three Pattern
Smoke Sensitivity UL268 recognize component
Heat Sensitivity UL217 57℃ ~ 65 ℃ (136℉~149℉) ; Temporal Three Pattern
Heat Sensitivity EN 54-5 A2S:54℃ ~ 70℃ ; Temporal Three Pattern
Standby Current Max. 15 uA(EN)/25 uA(UL) RF module: Max. 10 uA
Start Current Max. 3.5 mA
Alarm Current Max. 100 mA RF module: Max. 60 mA
Relative Humidity 10% to 85%RH
Operate Temperature 0℃ ~ 49℃ (32℉~120℉)
 Dimensions (Diameter)120 mm x (Depth)53 mm
Operate Temperature 0℃ ~ 49℃ (32℉~120℉)
 Weight  112.5g
 Battery Power  Rating Voltage: DC 3V for lithium battery
 Certification  UL, VdS, CE (In progress), FCC (In progress), TELEC (IC reserved)

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