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Modbus TCP Slave

If you have a modbus slave device that you would like to link to the platform, that is now possible. In our example here, we will be adding a local air quality sensor that we have in the building. Our driver has already been setup. Go to your IQnexus Market, select your driver and select ‘New device’ from the action menu:

Once on the create device screen, you will see this assuming you have your driver setup correctly:

We can see a couple of new fields, and we will go through them.

Modbus Master IP Address

This field determines who can retreive data from this device. If this is set to, it means that everyone can access this device via modbus if they know the ip. You can limit this by setting this to the ip address that you will be using to retrieve data.

Modbus Poll Slave IP
Here we define the IP address that we we use to retrieve data from using modbus. In our case, this is

Modbus Poll Port
This is the port that is used by the modbus device that we will be retrieving data from, in our case it’s port 30000.

Modbus Poll Device ID
This is the device ID used by the sensor, in our case the sensor uses ID 1.

Modbus Poll Polling Rate (seconds)
This defines the amount of seconds between each interval. So if you set this to 30, it will request the data from the sensor every 30 seconds. The value entered here will be rounded up and can be a multiple of 10, so a value of 43 will be checked every 50 seconds.

Save the device. After the interval you selected on the screen the device will start showing data in the logs.

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