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Modbus TCP Master

Using Modbus you can feed data from your IoT devices into your existing SCADA system and this is one of the key features of the Nano. This article will explain how to set the nano up to achieve this.

Modbus Port

  1. Log in as Admin, User: Admin Password: Admin

  2. Navigate to Project → Project from the sidebar navigation pane.

  3. The Project will show the Modbus Port and if Modbus Enabled is true.

These settings are not configurable, if you need to edit them Contact us.

The register’s and their size are shown here for inclusion into your system.


To test that modbus is functioning and set-up correctly on the Nano, we suggest using Modpoll

This is an easy way to poll the Nano platform for device data using Modbus from the command line.

  1. Install modpoll and open your Command Line

  2. Poll a specific register of the device. See below example.

The command:

This is the program we will be executing.

-c 1
This means count. We are asking for a value with a count of 1.

-r 19042
This means the register address. We are asking the value of the device on register 19042.

-t 4:float
This means that the value we will be retrieving is of type float, using modbus function 4 as a 32-bit float data type in output (holding) register table.

-a 19
This is the slave address.

-p 5020
This means the port used by the modbus slave device.

-m tcp
This means the modbus protocol. We are using TCP for the protocol with as the tcp IP address.


The full documentation about the arguments used in this specific program can be found on their website,

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