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IQnexus API

The IQnexus Platform provides access to your device data via IQnexus HTTPS REST API. The HTTPS APIs is protected with HTTPS key token authentication. IQnexus IoT can be integrated with third party solutions like Fleet Management Services, Building Management Systems and ERP systems via MQTT or HTTPS connections. IQnexus already provides integration to a variety of Building Automation and Energy-Management systems.

API Reference and testing environment

An API test environment is provided for reference and test of the IQnexus rest API & NBnano On-Premise Platform

For the IQnexus Cloud Platform the environment can be accessed at

For the NBnano On-Premise Platform the environment can be accessed at when connected via WIFI access point or via the LAN IP using the port #3030.

Token Authentication

Your IQnexus API is protected using HTTPS authentication, to get your access token, go to your profile details and copy your token as shown in the pictures below.

Access to Profile Information:


Copy your access Token:


Finally, use your token to unlock API access via link to Cloud Platform or IP of local NBnano.

Happy coding!


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