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Janitza Energy Management & Power Quality Software An elementary module for energy management and power quality monitoring systems.. Product #: 5226001 In Stock
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GridVis® reveals potential energy savings. In addition, the measured parameters measured can be analyzed to detect possible production stoppages at an early stage and thus to optimize your operating equipment uptime. The scalable, user-friendly software is perfect for building standard-compliant energy, fault monitoring / RCM and power quality monitoring systems.

Analyze and evaluate measurement data. The GridVis® software offers numerous functions, such as statistics, line diagrams, pie charts, heat maps, CBEMA curves, continuous lines, tables, Sankey diagrams, key performance indicators, etc. The functions can be designed intuitively. Measurement data can be analyzed as required by the user.

Complete integration into private and public LoRaWAN® networks.

GridVis® on the Janitza Website

Main Functions


Design your own overviews with numerous functions and graphics

  • Professional editor for the creation of dashboards
  • Dashboards and templates: free design of overviews
  • User management and regulation of access rights
  • Numerous widgets and functions
    • Line diagrams, bar charts and pie charts, heat maps
    • Sankey diagrams, key performance indicators (KPI), tables & indicators
    • Continuous graphs, weather, live values and much more....


All details in an overview, with our tools for analyzing and evaluating your measurement data.

  • Graph and graph set functions
  • Result and transient browser
  • Statistical evaluations
  • CBEMA curve
  • Power Quality Report

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GridVis® Editions

There are diffferent editions available. From the free GridVis® Basic to GridVis®-Ultimate. GridVis® covers installations with one meter up to enterprise or utility outfits with thousand of meters. Please contact us for pricing.

  • GridVis®-Basic - Free basic edition
  • GridVis®-Professional
  • GridVis®-Service
  • GridVis®-Ultimate

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