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How to update a driver

This how-to explains the process on how to update a driver on the platform.

Warning. Changing or updating drivers can lead to data loss.


  1. New driver in json format

  2. Access to the platform with rights to update drivers


  • Login on the platform

  • Go to ‘Developers’ → ‘Drivers’

  • Find you driver and press edit.

    1. If there are devices that use this driver, it will ask you if you want to clone the driver

  • Select ‘Clone’ in that case

  • Select ‘JSON’

    1. The input box shown is the entire driver in JSON format

  • Copy the json from the new driver into this field and press ‘Save’

  • The driver has now been updated.

Update a device

To update a device to utilize the new driver, to the following:

  1. Go to ‘Devices’ → ‘Devices’

  2. Find your device and from the action menu select ‘Edit Device’

  3. Press the ‘Change driver’ button

  4. Find your driver with updated version number and select ‘select’

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