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SenAir-AQI Activation Guide

Before Activating the Unit:

  1. The appropriate Gateway for the device must be up and running. Please find more Information about setting up the gateway here.

  2. The device needs to be registered to either the NANO’s LORA Server or IQnexus Cloud LORA server. Find more information about adding devices to the LORA server here.

  3. The device needs to be added to the NANO or IQnexus Cloud Project with the correct driver to read the data from the device as well as to initiate a downlink message. Please find more information about adding devices to the project here.

    Activation method 1: (Default method)

    Prerequisite : A strong magnet (Not provided)

  4. Once the above 3 steps are completed open up the project page its usually or NANO’s local static IP address.

  5. Open the Devices menu as shown below.

  6. Type the device name (Usually its device’s serial number), then open the device’s control as shown below.

  7. Now enter the new wake-up period in minutes and queue the downlink as shown below.

  8. Now wave the magnet near the device as shown in the image

  9. The device will now wake up and rejoin to the LORA Network, you can monitor this on the LORA server device’s page. After a successful join the device sends an up-link followed by the reception of any queued downlinks from the LORA Server (which in our case will update the reporting time as per image 7).

  10. The device stores the received configuration and runs accordingly.

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