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How to connect to your device via serial

Serial is one way to communicate with your device to configure, change settings and update data. This article details the simple steps required to connect the device with your PC.

Connect to the device over Serial

The COM port will be dependent on your PC and how many devices you have connected (below COM4 is an example). The port can be found under your PC’s device settings.

  1. Install the serial terminal Termite if you don’t have one already installed.

  2. Using a serial cable, physically connect the device to your computer by pins 7/8/9 (GND/RX/TX).

  3. In Termite use the settings below to connect to the device.

  4. Power on the device, you will have a 30 second window to connect through your serial interface after start-up by pressing any key. Restart the device if you miss the timeout.

Configure device settings

Now you are connected you can configure your device.

  1. All device’s have some common settings to set the mode, sleep/wake cycle and time.

  2. Most devices have additional commands specific to that device or application. These can be found under your Application’s page.

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