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Connecting to the Gateway

The LoRa Gateway included is easy to configure and connect to your NANO and provides the link between the NANO platform and your devices. Depending on the number of devices and area you are covering, you may need more than one gateway.

This article contains all the required information to configure and connect your Gateway to the NANO.

Please note that if you have received a pre-configured system you can skip the following steps.

Connect to the Gateway via Wifi

  1. Power the Gateway and ensure the power light goes fixed green.
  2. The SSID will be “AP-<Last 6 digits of MAC> and can be found on the back of the gateway.
  3. Select the device and click Connect.
  4. Open a Browser and browse to
  5. Login with: user: admin password: admin

Set Server Address

  1. Navigate to Packet Forward → Settings

  2. Set the Server Address to the IP of your NANO found under Project->Network.

Registering your gateway on the NANO

On the Gateway page (‘Devices’ → ‘Gateways’) you can view your gateways and the last time they received/send a message from/to a device. When setup, it looks like this:

To add a gateway, go to the IQNexus market, select ‘Chirpstack Gateway’ and select new device.

On the next screen fill in the gateway details

This is the euid of the gateway.

The name you wish to associate with your gateway.

If you have modbus enabled for your project:
MODBUS Unit Identifier
ID you wish to associate with this device (must be unique, between 1 and 254)

MODBUS Master IP Address
This field determines who can retreive data from this device. If this is set to, it means that everyone can access this device via modbus if they know the ip. You can limit this by setting this to the ip address that you will be using to retrieve data.

If you have bacnet enabled on your project:
BACNet Unit Identifier
The ID you wish to associate with your bacnet unit

Press apply when done. If not navigated back to ‘Devices’ → ‘Gateways’, navigate there and you will see your new gateway. It will show as active as soon as it receives a message.

If you have any issues, please Contact us.

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