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IQnexus Smart Islands

#IQnexus in collaboration with local IoT provider ICTnexus launch Smart Islands, a LoRaWAN project aimed at transforming the Pacific Islands into a technologically advanced and sustainable community.


The IQnexus #LoRaWAN network is the perfect solution for the Cook Islands, where the natural resources and environmental sustainability are the key priorities. #IQnexus Smart Island network provides the ability to get real-time data on many key parameters like water consumption and distribution, waste-water monitoring, asset tracking and energy management.

LoRaWAN gateway @ Rarotonga Airport.


ICTnexus is using the network to monitor in real time the supply and pressure of the water intakes and the ring supply for the whole island. This is done via IQnexus ModBus to LoRaWAN transmitters connected to the MagFlow water meters and additional pressure sensors around the island.

IQnexus Modbus to LoRaWAN Installation.


The platform’s advanced analytics capabilities enable operators to gain insights into water usage patterns, detect anomalies, and forecast future demand. This information is invaluable in ensuring a reliable and sustainable water supply, particularly in areas that are prone to water shortages or other water-related challenges.

Finally, the IQnexus platform was integrated successfully into the local SCADA system thanks to its multiple interfaces and protocol conversions like ModBus, BACnet, MQTT and REST API.

SCADA view for one of the ten water intakes of the Island.


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