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NBNANO - Middleware for LoRaWAN® to BACnet & ModBus IP

NBNANO is a complete stand-alone LoRaWAN® Industrial IoT platform and middleware. It can be installed On-Premise with Indoor or Outdoor LoRaWAN® gateways. It uses an in-build LoRaWAN® server or can receive data over MQTT or HTTP Push from industrial LoRaWAN® platforms like ThingPark (Actiliy), TTN/TTI or Loriot.

It provides the full functionality of the integrated NBNEXUS platform and communicates via ModBus IP or BACnet IP to Building Automation or SCADA systems. NBNANO supports all LoRaWAN® sensors and devices and creates virtual BACnet and ModBus objects out it.

NBNANO with NBNEXUS as a middleware, is supporting standard applications for Building Automation, Analytics, Energy-Management, Integration and Smart-Metering:

  • Janitza - GridVis & Energy PortalLoRa WAN BACnet ModBus Gateway 1000px
  • Delta Controls - enteliWEB
  • Optergy - Proton & Enterprise
  • SkySpark - Analytics
  • Tridium - Integration Platform
  • Robotron - Smart Metering & Billing
  • SCADA Integration

NBNEXUS communicates to the target applications via different exports, APIs and protocols. It supports public IoT networks like the LoRaWAN® and Sigfox. IQnexus also provides private LoRaWAN® infrastructures with Gemtek gateways.

NBNEXUS is providing LoRaWAN® connectivity to conventional application software, frameworks and integration platforms. Building Automation, Facility Management, Integration Platforms and Analytics Software are talking their own protocols and don't behave like web services necessary for IoT environments. The world of the Internet of Things is young and meets established applications communicating with BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus and tagging layers like Haystack.

LoRaWAN® is one of this IoT networks coming up very fast. The ecosystem is not standarised. Traditional sensor suppliers adopted LoRa like they did with ZigBee and WiFi. Still focusing to their own closed systems and talking with proprietary payloads. The short messages of LoRaWAN® is not allowing for self-explanatory protocols like M-Bus or BACnet with their massive overhead. Wired connections or short range wireless connectivity like W-MBus and ZigBee could manage this overhead. LPWANs like LoRaWAN® have to squeeze down the message size and you have to know where in this string of hexadecimals the data is placed.

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