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Optergy Optergy Enterprise Optergy Enterprise Building Automation and Energy Management System... Product #: Enterprise In Stock
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Optergy Enterprise software provides a web-based, real time scalable solution to improve control and reporting within buildings. It is an exclusive Building Automation & Energy Management System that provides a full suite of tools to measure, manage, report and analyse building data to make it a Smart Building.

Metering for Water and Energy, LoRaWAN® Platform, Sensors & ModBus Transceivers are supported.

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Main Features

  • 150 Devices (expandable) – combined BACnet (by Device Number), Modbus Devices (converted to BACnet), Meters (physical or virtual)
  • Unrestricted number of users and groups
  • BACnet and Modbus protocol
  • LoRaWAN® Network Support
  • Unrestricted number of live displays & scrolling displays
  • Request maintenance system
  • Automated email notification and reports
  • System notifications
  • System diagnostic and maintenance tools
  • User activity monitoring and reporting
  • Space management/hierarchy – identify buildings/levels/rooms/etc.
  • Display tool for creating custom displays
  • Public displays
  • Auto data backup
  • FTP remote data archiving/backup
  • Weather and forecast


  • Ability to manage BACnet objects – Alarms (Event Enrolments), Schedules, Trend logs, Calendars & Notification Classes
  • BACnet alarm and alert management
  • Allow for up to 50 (expandable) Optimum Start areas (zones)
  • SMS alarming including alarm escalation


  • Comprehensive meter/utility reporting
  • Utility report automatic email functionality
  • Automated graphical live meter display screens
  • Meter status and hierarchy screens
  • Customizable meter parameter alarming
  • All meter parameters available as BACnet points
  • Association meters with spaces
  • Allow for up to 50 (expandable) Demand Limiting points
  • Cumulative Analytical meter points (custom meter points)
  • End-user web dashboard configuration


  • Allow for up to 3 (expandable) tenants
  • After hours, activation and billing
  • Utility tariff, activation and billing

Mobile App

The Optergy mobile app supports small screen devices, providing live data for monitoring and control. Included in each Proton model at no extra charge. Available for Android and Apple iOS.

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