MCH3 Smart CO2 Detector


Smart CO2 Detector
Brand: GZAIR
Weight: 200g
Dimensions: 96 x 86 x 32.5 mm


The MCH3 Smart CO2 Detector is a IP21 Iot device with a  3.5″ TFT color display touch screen that is equipped with a dual NDIR Sensor. It provides a quick measurement response with high accuracy.


  • Hardwired, DC5V
  • Capacitive touch
  • NDIR CO2 sensor
  • 15 years NDIR lifetime
  • Multi languiage
  • Touch screen lockout
  • Night light option
  • Auto change daylight savings
  • CO2 high, low alert message reminder
  • C/F temperature display
  • History data diagram


Supply Voltage USB power supply, DC5V
Operating Temperature 1°C – 85°C
CO2 Sensor Type Dual NDIR
CO2 Accuracy @22°C (72°F)±40ppm + Display*2%
CO2 Detective Range 0 – 5000 ppm
NDIR Lifetime 15 Years
Displayed Temperature 0.1°C
CO2 Calibration -100 to +100 ppm
Temperature Calibration -5°C – +5°C
Humidity Calibration -30°C – +30°C
Displayed CO2 Resolution 1 ppm
Standby Consumption ≤0.5W
Enclosure Rating IP21