The NBnano is a fully integrated LoRaWAN
mangement system that brings the IoT world
into the Building Management System.

Translate any LoRaWan sensor into BACnet,
ModBus or MQTT


  • Easy setup
  • Sensor configuration & Commissioning
  • Alerts  & Notifications
  • Data Visualization
  • Remote access via VPN
  • Supports hundred of LoRaWan device
  • Integration into most energy and building systems
  • Local data storage


  1. Cost efficient solution
    • Only one NBnano is required per installation
  2. Strong LoRaWAN Network
    • Extend your LoRaWAN network by adding an ultimate number of gateways.
  3. Consolidate your BMS data
    • Bring data from multiple protocols into a single unified data stream
  4. Middleware for industrial systems:
    • Building Automation
    • Energy Mangement
    • SCADA Systems

Protocol Translations

How it works with 4 easy steps

Set up NBnano

  • Power up your NBnano and connect it to your LAN

Setup Lora Network

  • Install your gateways and check coverage


  • Mount and configure your LoRaWAN sensors

Link to BMS

  • Scan BACnet object from your BMS