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Optergy Optergy P864 Smart Edge Controller Optergy P864 Smart Edge Controller.. Product #: P864 In Stock
Brand: Optergy
Product Code: P864
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 950.00g
Dimensions: 141.00mm x 137.00mm x 64.00mm
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Optergy P864, a Smart Edge Controller that operates building equipment autonomously and expands up to 8 IO modules totaling 144 hardware points. Connectivity is made easy via BACnet IP (PoE), MS/TP, and MS/TP routing. The P864 is truly versatile, and can also be managed by 3rd party software using its built-in REST API.

Smart Buildings feature numerous applications that require integration using Optergy’s Smart Edge Controller. Applications include systems such as HVAC, central plant, VRF, lighting, hydraulic systems, along with energy, water, gas monitoring.

When coupled with Optergy’s software and more than 50 built-in applications, contractors have a complete standardised solution for Smart Controls, Smart Metering, Utilities billing, After hours Billing, Automated Reporting, Live Dashboards and Foyer Displays.

LoRa® Sensors & ModBus Transceiver are supported via the P864 API or IQnexus NANO.

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Main Features

  • 8 x universal inputs (24 bit resolution)
  • 6 x binary outputs
  • 4 x analog outputs (8 bit resolution)
  • Add up to 7 additional (864e) input/output modules
  • REST API (Easily connect to 3rd party)
  • TCP/IP or RS-485 connectivity
  • Ethernet switched in/out
  • PoE, 24 VAC, 24 VDC
  • BACnet IP to MS/TP Router
  • Web based programming logic (Using Optergy Enterprise or Proton)
  • Local web page configuration
  • Intellectual property safeguards
  • VAV application (optional airflow sensor AFS-684)
  • BACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
  • 150 trendlogs
  • 100 alarms
  • 10 schedules
  • 10 calendars
  • MS/TP baud: 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 76.8, 115.2 kbps

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