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Thies Clima Thies Clima Sensor US Thies Clima Sensor US.. Product #: WSC11 In Stock
Brand: Thies Clima
Product Code: WSC11
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Weight: 900.00g
Dimensions: 1,530.00mm x 150.00mm x 220.00mm
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Combining sensors to a complete weather station offers a low-priced, and space-saving alternative to conventional meteorological stations. With a minimum of space, all important parameters are acquired, pre-processed and output. An expensive mechanical installation of individual sensors is not required. The connection is carried out via cable. Thanks to the compact design an optically appealing, and neutral installation is easily possible.

This instrument has a GPS receiver. It serves for the determination of position and time, the sun position is additionally calculated herefrom. Position, Time and sun position are transmitted serially. An easy integration and smooth retrofit are guaranteed.

The weather station can be connected to NZ/AUS/EU LoRaWAN® networks over the LoRa® ModBus Transceiver.

Can be integrated via NBNEXUS into Building Automation, Traffic Systems, Meteorology, Energy-Supply and SCADA.

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Additional Information

Sensor Type
Environmental Measuring Clima Sensor

Main Features

The interface for the instrument is digital, and consists of an RS485 interface. Together with the ID-based communication the interface facilitates the operation of the weather station in a bus.
The instrument has a GPS receiver. It serves for the determination of position and time. The sun position is calculated herefrom additionally. The following parameters can be measured:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Acoustic-virtual temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Brightness
  • Precipitation Intensity
  • Relative air humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Time / date
  • Geostationary data
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Sun position
  • Elevation
  • Azimuth
  • RS485 ModBus RTU Slave
  • Easy to configure
  • NBNEXUS IoT platform for LoRaWAN and Sigfox

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