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Metz Connect Metz Din Rail Power Supply HUB-DC Metz Din Rail Power Supply HUB-DC for Metz I/O Modules and LoRaWAN® Transceiver.. Product #: MR-DI4 ModBus RTU In Stock
Brand: Metz Connect
Product Code: MR-DI4 ModBus RTU
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 126.00g
Dimensions: 50.00mm x 70.00mm x 60.00mm
Attachments: - Manual_HUB_DC.PDF
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The HUB DC is used as ballast to operate I/O modules of the C|Logline LON, Modbus and BACnet range to rectify and smooth 24 V AC (alternating voltage). It supplies at the output a smoothed direct voltage of about 33 V DC (with 24 V AC at the input). To convert the supply voltage of C|Logline LON, Modbus and BACnet modules from a 24 V AC operation to DC operation (24 to 36 V DC) reduces the thermal load in the I/O modules and extends the service life of the included components. The device is designed as half-wave rectifier with common earth point (input A2 = output 0 V) to be directly used in 24 VAC systems.

DC-HUB Power Supply on the Metz Connect Website

Main Features

  • Mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail
  • Simple integration into the LVD Board
  • RS485 ModBus RTU Slave
  • Easy to configure
  • NBNEXUS IoT platform for LoRaWAN®

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