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Connecting to the Nano

The Nano comes ready with everything you need out of the box.

  • 1x Nano

  • 2x Antennas

  • 1x Power Cable

  1. Attach the two antennas to the Nano

  2. Plug the power cable in, plug an Ethernet cable into the ‘Support’ port and press the power button on the front of the unit

The NANO has 3 network ports

  • LAN – Support Port – DHCP

    • This port is intended for product support and updates, it will automatically connect to the internet and search for updates and bug fixes. Should you require technical support with your device please ensure this port is connected to a network with internet access and a DHCP server.

  • LAN – BMS Port – User Configurable

    • This port is intended for your SCADA, BMS, or target application. It can be configured to fixed IP or automatic DHCP.

  • Wifi – ap_wifi Wifi AP – DHCP

    • This port allows you to connect to our NANO for viewing and administration purposes when no network has been configured.

Accessing the NANO

  1. From your PC, under available WiFi devices, look for a device named nano####.

  1. Connect to the AP using the password iqnexus-nano.

  2. Open a web browser and go to the URL monitor.nano.local

 Find more info about default user credentials here

Configure LAN ports

  1. Login as Admin: User: Admin Password: Admin

  2. Navigate to Project → Network

  3. Connect your ethernet cable to your desired port
  4. Select DHCP or STATIC IP

  5. If static IP selected, enter the IP, subnet mask and gateway for your NANO

  6. If required, configure your Bacnet ID, Bacnet Port and Broadcast address

  7. Click Apply

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